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3 Rare Scarce books by Patience Worth who was a spirit channeling through a Ouija Board

16 January 2021, 12:46

Arizona, South Phoenix

Price 125 USD

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ad 3 rare scarce books by patience worth who was a spirit channeling through a ouija board



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Privat person

3 rare books by Patience Worth, who is said to have been the spirit of a seventeenth century English-woman who had moved to America where she was eventually sent to the 'other land' by a murderous native. A prolific author in the afterlife, Worth communicated her writings to Pearl Curran, a St. Louis housewife of apparently limited education. Curran / Worth penned a number of novels, and over 3000 poems, all apparently spelled out laboriously on a Ouija board. Most who interviewed Curran thought she would have been incapable of writing the detailed and stylistically varied works herself, but although skeptics remained suspicious of the ethereal Patience, no fraud was ever proven. Books were published between 1916-1923



D Raphael Failla
D Raphael Failla
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23 November 2018




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